Mouse and Keyboard reccomendations

So i was wondering what a good keyboard and mouse would be. I would prefer a mechanical keyboard but i open to other options. I am going to be gaming with these but so far i have been gaming just fine on some cheap'o membrane keyoard so maybe there are some hidden gems.

Depends on what you want. There are many thing to consider.
Full keyboard, ten keyless, 60%(my favorite), ergo dox.(just keep in mind that weird layouts you have to relearn sometimes witch isn't that bad but then when you use a regular keyboard again your slow again)

Switch type there are cherry(and clones), matias(the new alps), topre, buckling spring, and now some new types by Logitech and steel series. they come in linear(smooth all the way down), tactile(feel a bump at actuation), and clicky(tactile bump and a click). Get a switch sampler form coolermaster one is on massdrop for 2 more days.(unfortunately only cherry)

then look at features like macro and media buttons, screens, and usb/audio ports.

Then there is how it looks like. led back lights, color, keycaps, and case.(be aware of what keycaps are compatable with witch switches)

Let me know what your looking for and i will narrow it down a bit.

check here to see whats in stock its a nice site

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Just to throw it out there. You cant really go wrong with Logitech for mice; you can go wrong with ducky for keyboards.

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You have no listed budget or any style preferences, do you want looks? back lit? RGB or 1 color? and so on. I like the k95 and pretty much any logitech mouse personally. the k95 has plenty of programmable buttons. I use a logitech 700s with the k95.

Zowie make good mice.

When it comes to keyboard, it doesn't really matter for gaming, but mechanical ones feel better to use. However, giving advice without knowing your preferences is kind of pointless. Do you want fullsize or tenkeyless/60%, which kind of switches do you want, do you want backlight etc.

A few Keyboard and Mice charts to look through