Mouse Accuracy

Dear, Fellow Gamers


I enjoy playing many pc games such as metro last light, dishored, half life 2, etc., because of this I was wonder how can you make your mouse the most accurate, by having a very high dpi and low sensitivy on the game, or low dpi high senetvity on the game. I am wonering this mainly because on TF2 when I go to snipe my movements are not smooth and fluid but more stuttery. i play my games on a medeim to low game sensitivy but the max dpi (1600 which i know is not that amzing or great) I would love to know how to make the game movement more smooth but i dont know how.


- Robert

All depends on the mouse.  I got a G500s I use 650dpi and then set sensitivity to whatever feels best.  Some games I use 500dpi or 800dpi.  Just experiment I guess.

As for stuttery movement it's all down to the sensor and the mouse pad.


Haha i guess its mostly because its a crappy mouse XD


I think it is self-explanatory

What about a high mouse DPI with a lower game sensetivity


That's pretty much the main concensus.  But for me with this G500s 650dpi is pretty fast.  Where as the original G500 I was using 800dpi.

At some point positioning gets accurate enough (when mouse DPI is equal to sensitivity) and any further increase of DPI with the same sensitivity does nothing. 

Ok thanks for all the feedback after much fiddling about in the settings i found for me the highest dpi with the low to meduim game senetivity