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Mounting seperate SSDs as an alternative to RAID under Windows?


Right, I’ve tested this a bit myself but I’m more curious as to if anyone else is doing this. I have my main C drive usually an NVME then separate SSDs encompassing major points of the system such as my ProgramFiles folder, user folder, etc… Aside from data integrity issues (I have good backups) can anyone think of any downsides to system like this? I have good backups and my system feels more performant.

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yeah, I used to do something similar on linux for myself (/ on fast media, /home and /var on sata SSDs, stuff like /home/videos on large spinning rust.)

also would do this on windows installs for other people that weren’t tech savvy so they wouldn’t call me wondering why the c drive was full back in the days of expensive sata SSDs.

the downside is that you have to remember all the mountpoints yourself when migrating or fixing the system, and that you have less flexibility on expansion than a RAID (provided you don’t care about redundancy)

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