Mounting partition from Gnome Files without password

Hi, I’ve initialized a RAID0 array to store Steam games.
I’ve created a subfolder in /mnt which is used to mount the filesystem.

However, Gnome Files browser is asking for the root password to get to it.

How can use /etc/fstab NOT for the system to ask for a password so that I can browse the drive?

Using Ubuntu 20.04, thanks

No modification is needed to the file system table file. Just change the owner of the directory, and all sub-directories, to your user.

Substitute $USER with your username on the system.

sudo chmod -R $USER:$USER /mnt/FOLDER

If you are the only user, then go with @Dynamic_Gravity suggestion. Otherwise you need to come up with a better plan:

sudo chgrp -R users /mnt/FOLDER

Add all users which need to access to that folder in the users group:

sudo gpasswd -a USERNAME users