Mounting NFS in an LXC container

i tried lxc.apparmor.profile, doesnt work eithier

Well, I’m out of ideas. At this point, I’d probably be making a thread too. :confused:

idd, ill try is there any other way to overcome issue, maybe using vms instead of containers?

Using VMs instead of containers should work.

Im making deb vm atm, gonna test if it works vm->vm

Well, server distros i use (Ubuntu server, CentOS, Debian) have GUI package if you like managing via graphical. And it is not ressource hog if you, for example, start a VNC instance when you need it. Those servers for junior admin are running headless in init level 3 mode (text base). We start the VNC instance(s) only when needed. Personally, it’s always command line / screen / ansible.

NGinx is not a “GUI”, it is simply a web server. Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch and Debian are distros by themselves and indeed, you can run whatever you see fit on it.

Windoze as a server is a MMOS (Mickey Mouse Operating System)… The less i see it the better i feel…


wasn’t sure on the name nginx (have so many distros in my collection)
and i agree wth you on win hosed
latest server i tested was univention corporate server!
It ran a bit slow on my old server (testbed) and has a gui.
could be a good choice but i didn’t have a lot of time to test it due to a mob of work requests.

So, I’ve got NFS working on my proxmox containers.

I just used lxc.apparmor.profile: unconfined

Too late i switched it into fresh Deb vm and works like a charm, only issue for me is how to setup ddclient to actually work(dunno if it’s cuz my domain but when I did the setup first time, ssh worked instantly, 15min after nothing works…)

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