Mountain flickering/z-fighting in skyrim

Most of the problems i've had with Skyrim is fixed. This post coveres that >

But now i have mountains flickering in the backround, z-fighting is what is belived to cause it. any suggestions for how to solving it?


Do the mountains flicker all the time or just on occasion? The really really distant ones flicker sometimes if I'm really high up and whipping my camera around. But that's expected cause it's such a huge game. If it's something different than that. I found find out when it started and what mods you installed around then and use the science of deduction 

it's really just in the far away mountains.

Well I have played skyrim on pc xbox and ps3 and all the versions have done that for me. I think it's just because it's such a huge world and what you looking at is so far away it's not rendering properly. So I'm not really sure if there is a mod fix for it 

OK, good to know there is nothing wrong with my PC