Mount samba share as different group help

Hello, I have a samba share on a Linux server that contains files generated locally by the media group.

When I try to delete some of these files from my workstation I get permission denied errors.

Even if I mount my share as localuser:media (uid:gid), files created from the workstation get written as localuser:localuser instead of media being the group. This means that I get no permissions to edit and delete the files mentioned earlier.

The only way I have found to remedy this is to either ssh and delete or ssh and chown localuser:localuser the files before I try to delete them from the workstation.

How can I fix the media group mounting not being reflected server-side?

Whats your /etc/samba/smb.conf say about media share? ( writeable = yes, valid user = ?)
What permissions are on the Media folder ls -l (is user in samba admin?)
Make sure your user has chown -R /media folder

forgot this too : smbpasswd -a user

Basically, you need to set the file masking to the media group.