Mount Freenas drive to My Computer (linux mint)

Hi all,,

So been slowly moving my work flow across from MS to Linux Mint, I have stumbled across a snafu which I have been trying to sort for a few days now on and off but with no luck hoping for some help..

I have a Freenas box which I was using on Win with no issues and Linux Mint recognized it nearly strait away in the network drives,, I can open, move, delete files no troubles within Linux but I can not for the life of me work out how to mount it as an extended system drive in My Computer so programs like backup and darktable see it as a drive and I can work directly from freenas so I don't have to move files around..

Sorry pretty new too this and a fair bit of links I found were a little over my head or talked about trying to actually discover the drive which Ive already done.

I tried some methods using cifs utils and running through the connect to server function but I think I'm confusing myself more than I need to be LOL in regards to the paths that need to be entered to point in the rite direction of the freenas folders

Cheers in advance

First make a directory to use as a mount point. You can make it anywhere but if you make it in /media it will show up on the desktop.

sudo mkdir /media/something

Where something is whatever you want to call the mount point, could be freenas or server or whatever, doesn't matter.

Next you need to edit /etc/fstab

sudo nano /etc/fstab

Add this line to the bottom of the file

//path/to/share /media/something cifs username=user,password=pass,uid=1000,gid=1000,users,auto 0 0

Where //path/to/share is the share on your freenas machine, you can use the ip or the host name, whatever works. /media/something is the mount point and user and pass are the username and password for the freenas share.

After adding that line run these two commands:

sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo mount -a

That should mount your freenas share, it will show up when you open the file browser on the left panel, on the desktop or at /media/something. The share will mount automatically when you reboot your computer.


You are a Legend :)

for some reason it mounted to "File Systems" but I corrected that

Thank you

so a small snafu it's all set up and working well however when I try and boot into Linux Mint with the Ethernet cable plugged into the freenas box it's asking me for the [email protected] password instead of booting into the Mint login page
all well and good but it gives me nowhere to actually type in a password, there is a grey box underneath but no way to actually select it (no mouse function) and the keyboard wont work by default ?