Moto X trusted devices; IPad

First things first. I recently got a new Moto X and i love it so far but i cant get trusted devices to work with my IPad 3. It is paired but it is not connecting, i doubt it is the Moto X's problem because it is new. Please help it will only connect for less than 1 second every time i press connect on the ipad and the notification will come up on the X then it will disappear.

Is anyone else having this problem?

thanks for the help in advance

if i understand what you are talking about, then you cant, because apple dose not want you to have an android phone so they make it really hard if not impossible to connect them 


Oh that is a shame...


thanks for replying!

I think that this is because trusted devices only work while there is a sustained connection, with a bluetooth service such as A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) which is used for headsets and wireless stereos. So even though you can pair the Moto X to an iOS devices, iOS doesn't support any profiles that would normally work between 2 mobile devices, such as OBEX (File Exchange).


To further illustrate this, on Android, go to the iOS device in question, on that devices preferences page should be a list of all possible profiles.


If you want to setup some sort of proximity based unlocking, you can do this in tasker, but tasker has had a bad history of being able to control screenlock, and the bluetooth on both devices would have to always be on which would drain battery life.