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I am getting ready to build a gaming PC after selling my PS4. I am fairly new to this and I am wondering about buying the right motherboard. Is it ok to get a cheap motherboard for my build? is there any benefit to getting a cheaper or expensive one?

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If a MoBo is cheaper because it has less features but the quality of the components is good , then you shouldn't have problems , but if it's cheap just because the components are low quality I wouldn't even get near it . Overall motherboards don't affect performance in a measurable way but they are essential to the longevity and stability of the system.Of course more expensive motherboards will tend to overclock better or support higher frequency RAM which does translate to more power.

Depending on the cpu you are wanne get offcourse. I allways say dont cheap out to much on a mobo, because a mobo is realy the base of a stable system. But this offcourse highly depends on what cpu you are looking for. Basicly you dont have to bother about the over expensive highend boards in most situations.

But without any information on which cpu you wanne go for, its hard to give advice. ☺

Her. Is one of the possible build that I could be building sometime in the bear future.

For that CPU you will want a 990 FX mobo. I recommend the Asus M5A99X.

This is due to the power draw of the 8350 the power supplying components are not good enough on the 970 boards. Not for 8 core CPU any way. You get by with a 6 core but not 8. 

For an FX8350, its important that you buy a decent mobo. preferable a 990FX chipset board with a decent enough power delivery design.

However, if you dont care about dual gpu setups, you could also grab one of these 2 970 boards.

  1. Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0 6+2 powerphase digi vrm
  2. Msi 970 Gaming.         6+2 powerphase digi vrm

I think that the Msi 970 Gaming will be a very nice board for you.

But if you want Sli, then you need 990FX for full 16x support

I highly recommend the Asrock 990FX Killer. Lots of USB 3, can do 2 way SLI, has a killer LAN and a UEFI. Its worked great for me, and it's a lot cheaper than comparable boards. Plus it looks good with the black and red color scheme.