Motherboards with VT-x VT-d support

I was just wondering if anyone knew of a list somewhere that showed which motherboard supporteds VT-x and VT-d.

I want to follow this guide: but neither my processor nor motherboard support VT-d so that makes virtualizing Windows for gaming useless.



indeed not all intel cpu´s and mobo´s support VT-d.

i see that you have a i5-3570K, which indeed does not support vt-d. Only the i5-3570 non K or i7-3770, support VT-d, or those Xeon´s like the E3-1230V2

None of the Haswell "K" parts have the VT-D extensions other CPUs just check Intel ARK to be sure. 

In terms of chipsets, only the Q87 chipset and some ASRock Z87 boards support the suite of virtualization technology.

non of the ivybridge K parts either. only like i said above the non k´s or the xeon´s.

For him the most logical cpu stepup would be a Xeon E3-1230V2, in my opinnion.

Yes if I stay with 1155 I'll get a 1230 V2 or if I go with 1150 I'll get a 1230 V3. Probably go with 1150.

The only pain in the ass will be finding a decent mobo, for it. i know Q87 boards, but, there are not many of those. and some Z87 boards. im searching this for a while, But its hard to find a realy clear ansewr to it. ☺

IVB unlocked CPUs didn't have VTD extensions either? Hmm damn. 

Yeah I agree, the E3-1230V2 or if he wants a new motherboard the 1230V3 which I have btw and it is a great part.

Does anyone have experience with Intel motherboards? Are they any good? Their website says this one is compatible with VT-d.

EDIT: That motherboard costs a shit ton. (At least for me)

This one seems better for the price

i found an article that could maybe be helpfull.

Z87 Asrock motherboard are all supposed to support VT-d

This one would do fine for $99

I might email Asrock just for conformation on it.

Cool. I read about Xen earlier. I think I'll just use KVM though. It seems like less of a pain to get working.

I have this build going:

I'm in no way close to getting this though. I will probably only upgrade my CPU and mobo.

Hopefully by then the Nvidia drivers for Linux wont be as bad as I hear they are.

yes thats a good thing, i think you will end up with the extreme 4. but im not sure about that. ☺


yeah i think that the xeon 1230V3 with asrock Z87 extreme 4 would be a good way to go, if the extreme 3 does not support vt-d.

In this pdf, it shows as support for vt-d, but yeah, its allways better to email asrock first. about Nvidia drivers idk, i have a radeon card, but i know there are some Linux guy's uphere, that do have Nvidia cards. maybe they jump in.

Only reason I'm concerned about with the Extreme 4 is I don't know if the sound works with Linux. It's a special audio chip.

I like how driver downloads don't even work on Realtek's website. Just read Linux doesn't really support the ALC892 and I can't even see if there's a download for it. And why does their website not even take up half of the screen.

its an realtek ALC1150 chip by the way, all Z87 / Z97 boards, as far as i know use this audio chip.

ALC892 you find on most Z77 boards, and AM3+. also the ALC898 was provided on some luxer Z77 boards.

Should work just fine.

The Z97 Extreme 3 supports VT-d. That would be cool. It has the ALC892 which I believe should work in Arch Linux. I found out my Asus mobo has the ALC892 and it did work.

hey thats strange you are right about the ALC892 chip, on the Z97 extreme 3

Anyway i also have that sound chip on my amd board, and its working fine in my Open suse 13.1 VM ☺