Motherboards options for my case need help

i have a Rosewill redbone U3 as you see here


want to know is this motherboasrd the ASUS as you will see here

is a good fit 

also just got the AMD black edtion as you see below

Check the USB 3 on the motherboard for your front case hook ups. I read the specs sheet from Asus and part of it listed 1 USB 3 header but the other part didn't list it. Didn't want to jump through hoops to download the manual. Check that out and if it does indeed have a USB 3 header and your case will run both USB 3 ports from 1 hook up then you would be fine using this board. I didn't notice anything else.

I would be shocked if that Asus didn't have at least 1 USB 3 header on the MB but do your homework before purchasing. Download the Asus manual and check the case for 1 hook up. I looked at the MB but could not see the header input.


It does not, I checked the picture, no USB 3.0 header for the case, however it does have some on the back I/O

you motherboard is micro atx, your case is atx

ATX cases fit ATX, MicroATX, and mini-ITX mother boards


why is it that you need these parts and what is your budget, we might be able to help you and teach you a thing or two in the process

inside my case says atx/micro 

also give me a motherboard that do right now im on a 600 to 700$ price range

also will this motherboard go with my case

Yes it will, just as gigabusterEXE said, it supports ATX, MicroATX And MiniATX motherboards, just dont take something thats like E-ATX for Extended ATX which will not fit.

so the 

BIOSTAR TA75M FM1 AMD A75 (Hudson D3) HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard will fit 

yes because it is a standard

large cases (ATX) will fit large (ATX) medium (micro-ATX) and small (Mini-ITX) mother boards

thanks you been helpful im getting the biostar