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Motherboards for Epyc 7002

That appears to be a different/older model. The new version of the EPYCD8-2T appears to be the ROMED8-2T.

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You’re right, it only has PCIe3. Sorry.

Totally understandable, it is the all over google’s results when you search ROMED8-2T.

EDIT: I just recieved this response from an inquiry I made to gamepc . com, “At this time, we need to inform you the ETA of ASRock ROMED8-2T is late February. And current pricing is based on what ASRock USA has given us.”

I think, ROMED8-2T is first and only EPYC 7002 MB with addional PCIe 6pin (power delivery for PCIe 16x slots).

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What about dual SP3 (7002/3200/PCIe 4.0) MB? I think, there is no E-ATX format offer.

Not releasing WRX80 is the saddest HW think (2019/2020). :cry:

Spotted the ASRock ROMED8-T2 for US$625 at game PC.

Reminds me of the X99 ASRock workstations of old.

This is how it is done. TRX40s take note.

I do wonder if the TRX40 boards are limited to 16/8/16/8 max on purpose, instead of having switches to spread the lanes across additional slots.

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I contacted gamepc and they said that the ROMED8-T2 won’t be available until March, but that the Tyan board is available with a 1 to 2 week lead time. I don’t think I’d buy from a place like gamepc, they don’t accept credit cards.

However, the Tyan S8030GM4NE-2T is available from 8anet for $545. I’ve purchased Tyan motherboards from them (acme micro) in the past (ages ago) without any problems I can remember.

acmemicro sent me the block diagram of the S8030 and it looks like Tyan sanely wired the PCIE 4.0 lanes. All 5 x16 slots are full x16 and don’t seem to be shared.

I’m leaning towards going with the Tyan board vs waiting for the ASRock rack board to appear.


Little higher price (655US$).

I wish they’d make a dual SP3 for 7002. Supermicro has the H11DSi which is dual socket in EATX, but no PCIe4. Would really like to see one of those for their H12 series.

I think they want to sell out PCIe 3.0 generation MB first.

I am trying to build a on-the-cheap EPYC server (my FIRST system with server hardware).

Does anyone know of the EPYCD8 & EPYCD8-2T can run the EPYC 7262 and EPYC 7302/7302P? I don’t really need the 10G, or PCIE4 and was trying to do it on the cheap so these boards are easily $200 cheaper (and available) than the ROMED model.