Motherboards and a ram question

Hello, I have two questions that relate to each other, specifically to do with the ram slots on the motherboard.  I am making my first build, and partly for price and reviews on the model I chose to go with this motherboard:

The first question I have is to do with the slots for the RAM: is having only 2 slots for RAM better, worse, or does it make no difference when compared to 4 slots for ram?

The second question is situational, I was originally planning on getting 8 gigs of RAM in sets of 2 4 GB of ram when I end up getting all the parts and later down the road upgrading by getting 2 more, making it a total of 16 gigs, but if this motherboard only has 2 ram slots, then it would be a complete waste of money, so would it be better to get 2 sets of 8 gigs for a lot more, or go with my original plan of getting 2 sets of 4 gigs of ram to save early costs and possibly upgrade later if I feel the need to do so biased on performance (and for that matter is 16 gigs even needed for most things yet, considering I will be using this computer as a gaming rig)?

2 sticks of 4gb will place less load on the memory controller than 4 sticks of 2gb.  you also get the option to later add 2 more sticks of 4gb if you need.

If you are gaming you will not NEED more than 8gb total.  16gb will not hurt performance but it could end up as wasted money.  more than 8gb is more for heavy multitasking or more work related pursuits such a video editing and photoshop.

the MOBO you have there is fine for what you want to do.  it just leaves you with fewer upgrade options for ram later - which you probably will not need