Motherboard with onboard Thunderbolt and PCI(Legacy)?

Hello fellow members of the tek syndicate frum,

So, i have grown increesingly anyed with my main gaming rig / Workstation, due to it being to loud for me now (i will build it fully passive at some point).

So, i have decided, i will split my systems into a workstation and a Gaming rig. I have also decided to build the workstation fully passive. This creates a problem though, Finding a good Case that can accommodate a T series I7 (the better the singe core performance the better), as well as a PCI(Legacy) DPS card, this DSP is needed for my work, and i have yet to find a good solution to get rid of it. Here is another problem, i plan on using a UA Appollo Interface/DSP or a UA DSP card as well (Dose not have external connectors like the other one). Since the UA outboard gear uses Thunderbolt exclusively, i need to find a motherboard that has the fallowing features:
- Legacy PCI Slot
- onboard Thunderbolt Connector
- T serois I7 Capable
- ECC Ram Capable (prefferable, but not absolutely needed)
- can run 2 to 3 displays from onboard GPU
- and it needs to be compatible with the below mentioned case.

The case i plan on going with is this:
If all fails, i will go with the larger chassis, and deal with the larger size.

So, if anyone can recommend a good motherboard that meats the above specifications, that would be great. I searched for a few hours now, but to very little luck.