Motherboard Tray Substitution

So the gist is I'm building a system chassis using LEGO's and I don't have a MoBo tray nor do I have enough money to buy one, that's why I'm using LEGO's in the first place. What can I use in place of a tray? Considering I have no standoffs or anything of the sort, I was thinking some sort of foam like this -  I'm unsure if it will cause burning/melting problems, or just heat problems in general. Just for reference the mobo I will be using is the Asus Crosshair IV Formlua with a Phenom II x4 965BE @ 4GHz with an H50 <- loads around 64c.

just let the MOBO set in there horrizontally, you'll get slightly better temps too

I was planning on doing it horizontally, hence the sitting it on foam. But the person who did the MAKE build clearly mounted it on aluminum bars, something I don't have the time nor budget to do. Thank you for the tip anyhow, but I just need to know what I can sit it on.

you can just lay it on the lego base, just on the lego base where the CPU socket is leave a 8x8 gap underneath it just incase.  I'm pretty sure it won't melt it anyway, I've have a thin Bionicle Mask laying on a 1600w oil-radiator heaters on max trying to bend it when I was a kid and it wouldn't hardly do anything to it

 you could make some lego stand offs to lay it on and put a fan underneath the mobo to give it some airflow to keep cool just in case

Alright thanks man, I really apreciate it! =D I was worried that just laying the motherboard on LEGO's would bend the pins on the underside, but I'll just do a layer of MoBo box between the two, since a good bit of people use the MoBo box as a test bench anyway.

yeah... legos are non conductive, so you could drill piolet holes into the legos then screw the motherboard into them.... if i were you i would do something like this:

if you need to, add in a horisontal bar to get the standoff points that are more in the middle of the MB

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