Motherboard to go with this cpu

I will be buying a Xeon 1231V3

I am wondering what is a solid motherboard to go with this CPU?

any socket 1150 mobo will do great unless you are running it 24/7, then i would look for a server class board. As for a specific board, your other needs will need to be listed to properly help.

If you want something that does well, just get a Z97 board that costs 300 USD and call it a day. Otherwise, list your needs.

When all else fails, for that processor, I'd choose the Asus WS boards. Seeing as Xeons are generally more for server usage and to get full use are usually on 24/7.
UK links (Because I'm too lazy to find the US ones)
Money no object


Hope that helps! If you need me to find the US versions, just give me a shout :)

Thanks for the responses guys! I have bought an ASUS Z97-AR. I appreciate all of the input.