Motherboard to go with a Intel i7 3770 (Resolved)


I am wondering what others suggest I should get for a motherboard.

I have been trying to decide between these 3 boards





I am leaning towards the Sabertooth because of the price point... 

I am an avid gamer, I work on sound projects and will be using the computer as a home server essentially on top 

of all that. my Current set up (can be found in my profile) pretty much does everything I want it to.

Only reason I am upgrading is because I am getting the i7 3770 for 100$ from a friend who recently upgraded (mainboard died but CPU still lives).


Also if anyone has any other suggestions for a motherboard, will be much appreciated!



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P.S. Preferred sites, or 

sabertooth, the others are way too expensive in my opinion

None; you have a locked CPU, so an overclockable board is pointless.

Were you to have a 3770k, the best choice would be an MSI Mpower or, for mATX, a Maximuv V Gene.

well yes and no.. you can overclock a locked cpu, if you play with the bus speeds and voltages, on a Z77 board. But then you realy have to know that you are doing..

But yeah for Z77 atx i agree i would go with the Msi Z77 Mpower for its price point, great board with tons of feutures like onboard bluetooth and wifi.. and its cheaper then the asus boards in general.

About the maximus V Gene on a m-atx system, is also a great choice, especialy for the onboard sound, Supreme FX III sound chip. so this could maybe be a good choice, if you not use a dedicated sound card, for your sound projects.

Thank you all for your input.

Brennan- so because it is a locked cpu a cheaper board is fine? (Biased to MSI my first build was terrible 3 times the board died, haven't touched MSI since.) Considering I will be running the computer pretty close to server, I want something that will last.... I have only had my current build for 2 years and already I have had to replace 2 capacitors. I have always been told as a general rule "have to spend money to get good quality."



Well every mobo manufacturer have low mid and highend boards. offcourse low end boards are mostly not realy the best quality wenn it comes to the power delivery parts.

Msi Z77 Mpower is msi´s highend board. This board contains the best parts that msi had to offer that time, these boards also come handtested out of the fabrick, where msi tests all z77 mpower boards individual. they stress test them for 24 hours with an 4.7GHZ OC i7 on it.

Asus ROG boards:

Like Brennan and i said above, also very sollid boards are Asus rog boards, but the Maximus extreme like you mentioned earlier, is realy overpriced.. because it contains ton´s of feutures that you probably never gonne use.  but you could look to the OC Formula or like we suggest the Maximus V Gene. if you like small formfactor pc´s the maximus V Gene is a great choice, especialy at his price point.

The Asus sabertooth is offcourse also a very sollid board. its a long lasting board. But i personaly don´t like the covered plastic plate, over the pcb. A good friend of my has a Z77 sabertooth, and the board failed at him, after a year for no reason.. never overclocked nothing.. so even semi / highend does not allways gives you 100 procent guarantee.

Thank you all, I ended up going with the Asus Sabertooth Z77, really sweet deal!


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Good luck building.

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