Motherboard Repair

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to get balls deep into computer repair, and have acquired an interest in learning how to do board level repair jobs.
As a starting point is anyone able to recommend a good site for saaaaaay parts, and schematics/data sheets?
a bit of googling have left me nothing, so I'm probably doing it wrong.

Schematics are a great boon to help you repair boards, but you should get practiced with solder rework, reflow, and transfers either by hand or with something like a UV rework machine.

Learning to handle SMD componants and even going as far as performing successful BGA reball/replacements will give you a better experience platform than just reading some schematics, then taking a soldering iron to a dead board.

A multi-meter, a magnifying glass, and an SMD code book could teach you a lot too if you aren't especially equipped for the hands-on approach just yet. < For an example of said code books.

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There is a youtuber named luis rossman.