Motherboard Problems (or CPU?)

Currently I have an Asrock990fx Extreme3 motherboard and I hate it. It has a long list of problems including:

  • One of the PCI-E slots doesn't work (GPU fan doesn't spin up and MSI Afterburner reads fan speeds of 750,000 RPM)
  • Won't run dual channel memory
  • USB Is Incredibly slow (1MB per second read and write regardless of what USB stick or port I use)
  • Unstable (Frequent BSOD's when under load)

All of these problems have occurred over time, the board didn't ship this way. BUT, at one point in time a few of the pins on my CPU were bent slightly, and I had to bend them back. I noticed no change in the way anything performed after this incident except dual channel memory stopped functioning a few days later. All of these problems listed occurred after the incident with my CPU but it was quite a few months later.

What I want to know is: Are all of these problems listed more than likely going to be motherboard problems, or is there a chance that my CPU could be the culprit?

Yep theĀ Asrock990fx Extreme3 is a pos i am useing one i had to go to a 2year old bios update to make the dam thing stable (vershon p1.30) make shure you dont try overclocking the cpu on it ether.

I had it at 4.4 (I run an 8350 btw) for a little while and then I backed down to 4.2 (stock turbo speed) because I could just tell I was slaughtering the VRM's. I plan on getting a new motherboard I Just REALLY want to make sure that I didn't damage any components on my CPU because I would cry myself to sleep if I bought a new motherboard and still had the same issues.