Motherboard PCIE Slots/performance

Part picker here,


Currently using an MSI mobo for my setup.

currently running an EVGA GTX 780.

My mobo has two PCIE slots that run at full bandwidth.

So dual SLI with the 780 isnt the problem. But my question is if i were go do a Tri SLI, how would a x8 PCIE slot affect the performance of a third card?

Pros and cons please.(if any pros...)


then all 3 cards will runn on 8X i suppose that could probably be a bottleneck. Why you need a tripple SLI ? not for gaming cause thats totaly  overkill ☺ but if you want a tripple sli, then you need to pickup the Asus Sabbertooth Gen 3 board. this board pci-e 3.0 48 lanes.

slot1 X16 slot2 x16 slot3 max x16  slot4 x8 on this you can run triple sli at x16

Grtz Angel ☺

A single 780 is great for 1080p, I wouldn't get more than a single 780. The cost of the second (or third) 780 can be put toward other things.

I know you're probably thinking "it will last a while". However, you can achieve the same performance by spending less. It is better to spend little and often. Over the period of 5 years, those triple 780s will last you, but they cost $1800+. You could spend $300 every year, for 5 years, and get the exact same thing. Not that you would need too. You can spend approximately $400 on GPUs every 2-3 years. Since GPUs have a pretty long life cycle.

In short, that single 780 at 1080p, would last you about 3 years+.