Motherboard or graphics card or driver issues

So i just bought my first computer and within a week of having it the screen won't stop glitching out with the error of "the graphics card driver was not responding and has recovered". My motherboard is the ASROCK 980de3-u3s3 r2.0 and my graphics card is the Gigabyte Radeon r9 280. and Now whenever i boot up games it just glitches out, blue screens and restarts and i cant read what the blue screen error was because the image is warped. So would anyone have any idea what it is?

sounds like a bad graphics card.

That card should have a dual BIOS, there should be a little switch just next to the PCI-E bracket.
Try the legacy BIOS just in case because there's no harm in trying, looks like a RMA is on the horizon though.