Motherboard micro ATX

guys, i am proposing to build new pc.  very impressed with the Prodigy cases, especially the Matx types.  But have some questions about overall functionality.  Need wifi, need sound card and want to be able to have capture card as well.  are there any boards that will support.  Appreciate any suggestions. thanks Graham





well i was thinking about those 3 boards. but its depending on your budget.

  1. Gigabyte GA-G1 Sniper M5 Z87
  2. Asus Z87 Gryphon.
  3. Asus Maximus VI Gene.

The Asus Maximus VI gene, has a realy decent onboard Supreme FX soundchip, so maybe you dont need an dedicated sound card, with that board, maybe.

Grtz Angel ☺

The sniper allso have audiofreak quality sound on the mobo (it even has a extra chip with it you can change *Upgradable OP-AMP*)

*Onboard Creative Sound Core3D™ quad-core audio processor*

I like it a lot i may even use one in my next bilud after xmass (just depends if you like the green theam)


+1 you totaly right on this, i was totaly forget to mention it. ☺

Guys, thanks for advice.  With the Maximus Gene VI, there is a mini PCI module.  Does this allow for wifi upgrade, if so what module do you suggest.


Thanks Graham