Motherboard issues

I have a ASROCK H77 pro 4-m motherboard and upon power loss the computer restarts even though it is configured not to under the UEFI southbridge "restore on ac power loss" is set to "power off"

any ideas? i can have several brown outs per day in which the computer would restart  

For starters, check to make sure you have the latest bios revision for the board, you should be able to see your current version either on startup or in the bios itself. you can get the latest revisions here:

asrock have even provided a little 'how to' which is always helpful :)

If the problem still persists, then i guess you could always set the pc to hibernate or sleep after an hour or so without use, just as a temporary precaution.

It may also be prudent to run chkdsk fairly regularly if brown outs are a serious problem where you live, as abrupt shutdowns can do nasty things to your drives.



thanx man..yeah it has caused trouble with my disks before...I guess a UPS would be the solution but its just a gaming rig so not a huge deal if a disk goes down.. I have UEFI and there is a utility in there that'll update it I just wanted to check in before I did that..thanks for responding :)