Motherboard Issue causing MFT errors?

Hey Guys,


So the wife's storage drive just stopped recognizing out of the blue the other day. I am kinda at a loss, i want to see if anyone has any ideas that i could try to see if i missed something. Every device that i have plugged in, 2 hdd's and my Linux flash drive all have been unformatted when the pc goes to hibernate so i am wondering if it is MB related.


Here's the rest about the drive and details:

WD Green 500gb drive

Master File Table Corruption, Tried  disc check, repair through windows, and repair through linux.

Performed 3 seperate tests on Drive, all tested fine.

Used Testdisk to try and recover the MFT

Cloned disk to a new HDD, and then performed check disc and testdisk on the new drive as well, 

Out of all this i still get MFT and Mirror MFT corrupted.


Any Ideas?