Motherboard/graphics Card

I have a p8z77- LX motherboard which supports crossfire but not SLI. Currently i am running a GTX 560TI 2GB. Was wandering wether to buy a 660TI or upgrade my motherboard to a p8z77-LK and go SLI with another 560TI.
Both options are going to cost me the same, so... new motherboard and second card or just a new 660TI? 

your gonna get more performance from the dual gou solution, but remember that sli and crossfire can both cause problems with games. you also have to make sure your psu won't blow up when you plug in the second card

huh an intel board that does not support sli? :o

I would go with one card. SLI/crossfire can cause preformance issues and 2 GPUs will also use up 2x as much power. Also you can sell your GTX560ti while you still get a decent ammount of cash for it.

So in my opinion go for the 660ti, no brainer.

if you only do gaming isnt it then an option, wenn i look at the prices of those 560ti cards   and a mainboard, wouldn´t it better then to go for a single gpu only for gaming a HD7950 ? arround 300 dollar.

wenn it comes to a 660ti vs 7950 then the 7950 performs better in gaming.

maybe you can sell youre old 560 for a nice price? and get that extra money to  go for a HD7970? you can get one for around 410 dollar


Thanks everyone! I have decided to stick with a single card, sell my 560 and see what i can get. Going to stick with Nvidia as I have spent money on a benq LX2420T and nvidia 3d glasses. not sure what amds solution is like for 3d and if my stuff is compatible.
Any sugestions on a card? about £300/$450

then you maybe better stay with nvidia, but maybe its an idea to open a new topic in the gpu section, or chance this topic title, into a question about amd solutions, maybe there are some users arround here wo knows more about  3d stereo gaming.

but some Nvidia shots ☺ EVGA

maybe its intressting for you. but there are more makes then EVGA ofc.