Motherboard for Xeon X5460

A friend of mine have this relic of ancient time in his hands.
He also have an Asus P5 something something, that can’t quite run the old fart properly.
What board should we look for? Any guidelines or advices or anything will be helpful.
I am quite familiar with the AMD side at the time, but I am completely lost on the Intel’s.

Since, it is LGA 771, any motherboard with that socket. It is also possible to mod the pins to LGA 775, which might be easier to get hold off. But if you can get one of the late motherboards, there is the possibillity for DDR3… Personally, I have a LGA 775 Asus P5K /epu, that is around ten years old, and still fully functional.

I forgot to mention he have the pins moded so it should support 775…
He have P5KPL /1600.

So, what is wrong with the current motherboard? Do, he have any overclock?

IDK… He just say it doesn’t want to run the chip.

Yes, on his current CPU he does…

Well okay, maybe look for a motherboard with a slightly “newer” chipset. P5Q were considered quite good.