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Motherboard for threadripper - testing MSI MEG Creation X399 vs Asus X399




Yes definitely.

I could go into more details, about vrm’s and how that stuff works.
But that is something for another time / topic maybe.

So what i understand is that you have picked up an open box Asus X399-E Strix?
Should be a fine board for now upto a 2950X.
and what the future will bring according to new TR sku’s is all yet to be seen.
There isnt really such a thing as future proofing wenn it comes to computer hardware.
Nobody can really look into the future anyways, so we all have to wait and see,
what the next gen of TR cpu’s are going to be.

Maybe AMD might come with an entire new X499 chipset in the future or what not who knows.


I went with both mobos as i could not decide which one to go with.
Where ever i was reading it was always clear to me that TR4 will be kept for new Zens as well hence we won’t I may not need a new board after all.

I like asus ecosystem and bioses but MSI is also good.


Yeah Asus bios is definitelly awesome.
Especially wenn it comes to get memory kits that are supported up to speed.


so TR will be there for a next refresh ?


I would actually run the Asus X399 Zenith Extreme just because VRM cooling is very important for OC stability if you plan to overclock TR… It doesnt quite have the best VRM and power delivery but I garner that it would be much more stable due to the active cooling. Theres a couple MSI boards out there with better power delivery. I think the decision between those and the ASUS variants would of course be how good is your case cooling?

Zen might be efficient but cooling is still paramount


i just got msi creation x399 and asus strix…

I went first for test bench with creation and i already see missing AMD chipset options in BIOS … e.g I cannot change Auto/Socket/Die in BIOS options… that’s a huge minus.

There is no RGB options in BIOS as well, so linux users are stuck with a rainbow…


it looks like MEG is completly missing amd cbs memory/chpset/cpu settings and no RGB configuration in BIOS completly…

That is huge disappointment.


found a confirmation here -->

MSI Tech. 12/30/2018 we will forward your suggestions to our bios engineers.
End User 12/30/2018 I’m missing AMD CBS in BIOS of the MSI MEG X399 Creation motherboard. Is this going to be added in the next release of BIOS ? Do you have plans to provide RGB functionality in the BIOS as well ? For me as linux user those two eleements are requirments, so i won’t RMA the board.


RGB is relevant? :wink:

How’s stability / OC? which CPU’s are you using. / memory/temps?


Testing CPU and RAM of MEG right now.

So far i’m impressed I’m able to run my CPU so f at 1.3 @ 4 Ghz in loop cinabench for more then an hour. Nether of the previous boards Asrock and Gigabyte was able to do that.

My RAM kit which was producing errors in AIDA64 at anything above 3200 is working stable at 3600 on this board.

However BIOS is complete disaster… It’s empty and lucklasting all the options. In comparison to asrock where you have all the options imaginable.

By default the “11 dial” setting supply an extreme voltage to CPU 1.48 which casued my Kraken x61 to melt almost ( i know this is not a cooler for that). I am not setting up the waterloop yet untill i know the best board for it and case :wink:

If you want to change to local mode you need to use ryzen master due to lack of AMD CBS settings, which is crazy imho.
That means if you testing something and it “hang” and you need to reset the cmos you need to redo everything in BIOS and then go to Ryzen Master “copy current profile”, change the NUMA/UMA mode and reboot. If you forget to copy your bios settings will be overwriten by Ryzen Master. That is painfull process.

It failed to boot once through ten or twenty boot ups and was stack on postcode 00. I had to completely remove the power power and reset the cmos settings. Not sure what is all tha about.

I’m using latest BIOS for that.

Also flashing BIOS took forever and it’s questionable. It only accept USB formated as NTFS (otherwise it does not see the files) and does not do any checksum verification before loading, so technically you could load a toaster bios on it and it will brick.

Screenshot of testbench :wink:

PS. RGB is very settle on this board and SW “just works” (like RTX lol).
It it not detected as malware on games so far i tested but still have to check Tom Clancy’s series. It never failed to sync RAM and onboard RGB. On Gigabyte it was a mix … Sometimes it worked, sometimes only onboard, sometimes only RAM very strange… Asrock X399 does not have “sync” functionality, Onboard RGB only works separately. Asrock RGB software which would support Sync functionality was not loading on Taichi and from what i see it does not also on the Fatality. Gigabyte had RGB SW in BIOS but for some reason it was not persistent though reboots (which is another insanity).
PPS. There is lot of blotware SW installed in the APP center. Most of which is usless execpt command center and MSI Mystic Light.

Next to come later this week:

  1. More testing with OC how low I can go with voltage to get 4.0 overclock
  2. What is achievable for 4.1 overclock
  3. I will be exchanging 3200 CAS 14 kit with 3600 CAS 16 B-die. I will report OC and stability on 3600 and above with 32Gig of RAM.


cool, this mobo is certainly made for pro overclocking (phases), i assume it has options for LN2 under bios.


PCB is quite impressive but BIOS is bad.

Also when it hangs it usually boots multiple time and sometimes it just stop posting and just stay powered off.


There are modded BIOSes:

I have not tried it tho.


Yeah the msi bios can be a little journey to find your way in.
That dial preset overclockings is definitelly not a feature that i would recommend using.
its better to configure the overclocks manually.
And you could play arround a bit with LLC and all that.


One of the things that turned me off MSI boards in the past was their lack of offset voltage in BIOS. Is that in the MEG BIOS?


Short update :wink:

TThis mobo just killed my 850W EVGA PSU … Good thing i can RMA it and I will get 1000W


How could that be happening?


I left it for a soak for 24h and i come back and board is off and 2 rgb ram is still powered on.

I tried to power on but it was stuck on the post code 00 and then shuts off, so i though mobo went bad or something. So now i moved to ASUS board but same thing. I tried with single ram stick same thing… So finally i connected my power supply testers and it powered on and died in few second :wink:

I only hope nothing got dmaage… We will see once i get new PS.


Hmm thats kinda weird.
looks like you got some bad luck there.