Motherboard dead?

so today I think my motherboard died.I recently did a sorta build with an i5-4690K and an Asus Z97-A. it worked for the last week, today I installed a new heatsink, Enermax ETS-T40, and then it wouldn't boot, got 3 beeps and the Dram LED was on. I loosened the heatsink, and managed to get it to boot, but it was only reading one ram I reseated the ram, and back to not posting.Other info it turns out the RAM i'm using (kinston hyperX 1600mhz CAS11) isn't officially supported.So what do you think? motherboard dead, or I need to be using officially supported ram. I did try with some ancient DDR3 ram and it didn't work either.


Did you plug all the cables right?

probably a problem with the motherboard indeed.

RMA it

update, motherboard not dead.

the ram wasn't in all the way. I blame Asus's one clip ram slots, I really had to force it down and double check to make sure it was 100% in.

So make this a note to all Asus Z97-whatever owners/buyers, make sure ram is well in socket!!