Motherboard BIOS Problem

Alright, I'm having a pretty annoying BIOS problem. I'm currently running a Geforce 8200 XFX Mobo, and I tried flashing the BIOS yesterday because I installed a new CPU which wasn't being recognized by the current BIOS. The thing is, I think I botched the flashing, or I didn't update everything. Either way, now the computer takes a long time to reboot, and when it finally does manage to boot to a useful screen, it always gives me the message "CMOS Bad Checksum," and gives me the choice of either going to setup (F1), or default settings (F2). I need to go to setup in order to turn off the write protection to reflash my BIOS, but if I go there and save and exit, it will simply restart and bring me back to the menu. If I go with the default, I can boot Windows, but write protection is on in the default mode, so I can't reflash the BIOS to fix this problem. I tried clearing the CMOS memory by moving the connectors on the jumper pins, and I also tried switching out the battery for the CMOS, but to no avail. Do you guys have any advice on how I could reflash my BIOS, or at least how I could override this protection? Thanks for the consideration!

What your going to have to do is a recovery flash, this will most likely require a floppy disk drive, if you still have one. You will have to download your motherboards bios from XFX. You should also contact XFX and ask them for information on how to do this, since it varies depending on your bios.

XFX Mobos. Well most likely your gonna have to do what Nate said. It all this doesn't work. You might have to shell out for a new mobo, cause i'm pretty sure. Warranty doesn't cover bad BIOS Flashes.Â

Thanks for the advice guys, I'll try that