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Motherboard BIOS issue



I’m kinda wanting to move away from Asrock, but my personal dislike of other brands leaves me with Gigabyte… And they are ugly as sin…

Look at this… It’s atrocious…


They include a heatsink for the m.2 drives tho.


So does adata… And I hope it’s removable…
It just adds to the atrociousness of it all…


Wich does nothing.
The flash chips want it warm, the controller not.


After some time something weird happened. I plugged my iron to iron a shirt for my job and the PC died… So I got an extension cable and I plugged my PC on another room’s wall socket.
That was 2 weeks ago…
Since then I had problem with booting twice. For 2 weeks. In the last maybe 10 days I don’t have any issues with it. I also plugged my mechanical keyboard I thought was dead. Turn out it’s not dead. The board seems to be fine, everything seems to work perfectly fine.

TLDR: turns out the apartment power network is crap. I had too much stuff plugged in in my room and since I moved the PC to another circuit it’s all pretty much perfectly fine now.


Advanced problems require simple solutions. :stuck_out_tongue:

From now on when people have problems we should ask people to try the PC on another outlet in another room.

Glad you got it solved fam.


I would have never guessed that would be the issue if this didn’t happen… If there was a couple minutes delay with the PC freeze - I wouldn’t have thought of it… But the very moment I plugged the iron - bam…
Also it took me some time to figure out this is actually a puppy bob ross… Nice…