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Motherboard BIOS issue



I have basically checked all possibilities.
The one thing I am left to do is swap hardware.


Yeah the only question will be what the best decission is right now.
I mean you said you could get a RX480 cheaper then what you could sell your RX580 for.
Basically those are the same cards, just better clocked.
So in that regards you will not loose much performance.

On the other hand a motherboard is probablly cheaper to buy.
And it does not really hurt to buy a better board anyways i guess.
You can allways sell your current board for a reasonable price.
Maybe you still can get a 75 bucks for it back or so.
Not sure what your particular board costs new right now?


Or you could keep the current board as spare.


Nope… I can’t get more than 50 euro… New this thing is 70 euro, so 50 absolute max…

I want to try a couple things before I do whatever… I will play with the ram first.

That won’t work. It’s destinctively cheap, cause it’s a mining card. No video outputs and mining BIOS… I checked.

That’s the plan honestly.

My biggest issue is what board to buy…
The cheapest option is X370 PRO4, but that is the same board basically, so the cheapest option is X370 Killer SLI…
I can go for B450 Gaming K4 and hopefully the new gen board would clean those issues.
X470 boards are WAY too expensive for my taste.

But my brain keeps telling me to just get rid of the GPU and get another one… I have 480 and I can replace it with 580 for not too much money, cheaper than the board swap…


Ah then i miss read one of your posts above i guess.
Well it could be worth a try basically.
Because if its cheaper to get a RX580 now, then yeah why not.
If it turns out not being the issue, then its not really wasted money basically.
With a motherboard, if it turns out that the board isnt the issue.
Then you sorta kinda wasted money if you at it in that perspective.

But yeah decissions…


I am not going to do anything right now.
I need to gather some kind of money.

IDK. There is something about that GPU, that just bothers my brain…

I’m honestly willing to lose performance and get 570 or 470… I don’t mind. I just want it to work…


Well yeah if you put in a different gpu, and the system then works fine,
no crashes in bios anymore.

Then yeah… its kinda weird.


I removed the battery and left the system apart for a while…
No deal…

I tried booting with 1 or 2 sticks of ram…
No deal…

Tomorrow I will try and move the GPU to the second PCI-e slot and see if that helps.


I wonder how a GPU would make the computer not boot.


My plan is this
Of nothing helps, I will get this board next month:

That is the cheapest board I am not worried about working with my 1700X…
If the board is not the issue, meaning the boot problems continue, I will get Athlon 220 to replace the 1700X.

It may sound like throwing money at the wall, but my parents PC died as well, so I will essentially building them one with my spare parts…


Oh my god bro. I read this as:

But I’m pretty sure it’s a mobo issue. Of course, I am not the most technical person out there.


After work I will try and put the GPU on the other PCIe slot… It’s only X4 of I’m not mistaken, but I don’t care… Should be enough to support 480…
If it ain’t the slot either I will just order the new board and go on from there…


Have you tried the ram in different slots? I found I was only getting half the ram, and it would freeze at bios splash screen. Would take a number of reboots before getting back into the bios. I messed with the seating of the ram and tried different slots. Changing the slots worked.


Multiple times in multiple different configurations… I have 4 sticks, so I tried 1 stick, 2 sticks, etc etc…


It doesn’t even want to boot with the GPU on the second PCIe slot…
So here I am again…

I’m definitely getting a new board…


Are the ram sticks from the same kit?

Edit: I think you did say with one stick in The board it still didn’t work. So maybe not a kit issue. Like mixing different sticks and such.


Here’s the issue with the ram testing - if the board is damaged - it doesn’t matter how good the ram is…

Also I bought the ram from @anon94261841 and I believe he said it’s the same kit…


It’s a single 4x4 GB kit.


Some time ago my mechanical keyboard stopped working.
Today my second keyboard stopped working…
I unplugged it, plugged it to a different USB port and it started working again…
Oh I am so getting rid of this board…

I’m just wondering which B450 board to get …


If you don’t need overclocking and stuff, get the cheapest one that is still good quality.