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Motherboard BIOS issue



If it’s the cpu, is it too late to get a refund?


I bought it used…


Oh yeah. That’s right.


Right… I tried the BIOS switch on the GPU and I had a sneaking suspicion, the issues may come from me having a multimonitor setup, but it’s not that either…
So all I am left to do is get a new PSU and if that don’t work out I’m selling this GPU and getting another one…


Right. I just ordered gold rated 650W Seasonic PSU and let’s see how will that do.

I have a question to yall. If it is not the PSU I’m considering changing the motherboard or the GPU. The two of them dont play well together.
Is the motherboard a better idea to switch, since I risk ram incompatibility and bunch of other stuff…


That depends on what speed you are running your RAM at. The board is probably cheaper to switch. :thinking:
I know there are a lot of horror stories regarding RAM and Ryzen out there but it’s not that bad when we just accept that xmp profiles simply don’t work.

Let’s hope for now that the PSU solves the problem. I wish you the best of luck, you deserve it!


Boot off of a USB, check the disks, and run diag through linux or the like from the USB to see if there are any peripheral problems is where I would start if resetting and flashing doesn’t work. fdisk, chkdsk, etc … Flashing to latest bios is always a good start, and if that doesn’t work, remove the battery and power for 24 hours, then have a look, usually it is a CMOS corruption from dirty power, in my experience, from what you describe. But above, if those two don’t work, boot from a USB and check all your I/O and components.


My issues are entirely during boot. I had freezes in BIOS. I dare not try…

They are fine. I checked them billion times. Also they were running fine on my older system… I checked 2 weeks ago.

The warranty service did that…

Tried it … no results…

2666… That’s not that big of an issue, I will gladly run them on 2400 of that will solve the issue. But it doesn’t. I tried.

No… I don’t use that, I don’t know how, I rather not touch it.
The motherboard is fine. I send it back for warranty check, the guys told me it’s working fine. The GPU is fine. I checked on my old machine while the board was at warranty service. The GPU is just fine.
It’s just during boot.
I’ll try the PSU tomorrow and we shall see from there.


This is really weird.
I’m still thinking about what the issue could be.
But most things are already tried.

Does the bios also freezes wenn you disconnect all other devices except your gpu?
I mean disconnect all drives and usb io devices you dont need.
So only the gpu and keyboard.
Also disconnect the front case usb header from the motherboard if you have front ports in your case.
If the front usb ports of your case are damaged, then all sorts of weird freezes will happen.


Happy new year, wish you and your horse a great year ahead :wink:

Here’s my issue with absolutely every other theory, other than a PSU:

  1. The board works fine with other components.
  2. The GPU works fine on another system.
  3. This system works fine with another GPU…

So it can’t be the USB ports… CPU and RAM was just fine before I switched the GPU…

That’s random… Sometimes it doesn’t freeze. Yesterday I walked around the BIOS to check the boot order. A few days ago I tried to set the ram speed to 2400 to try and see if it will work…
But a few days before that it froze when I just entered boot order, so I couldn’t press down and enter in time…

Really? Hmm… I will check that tomorrow… I need to let the system rest while I’m at work. Restarting will just bring me back into Windows…


Is your SSD fine? I remember you talking about it having problems in the lounge back in November I think.


My SSD was my initial theory… I checked the hell out of it… I tested it on different system as well… The drives are fine.
All components are working fine on another system, They just don’t want to work together.


Thanks happy new year to you too.
And i really hope you get your issue fixed.

But yeah it does sound really weird and spooky.
The motherboard is probably cheaper to replace.
If you are convinced that the gpu and all your drives are fine.
Then i would probably replace the motherboard firstly really.

But yeah also disconnect the front case usb header from the board.
And see if that makes any differences.
Since Asrock claims they have tested the board.
I would assume that they only tested it on a test bench.
But if one of the usb ports on your case is bad then yeah…
Usb shortages will lead to randomly weird freezes.


Asrock didn’t… The store have a warranty service. I send it there, they test and then replace or send back. The board went nowhere near Asrock.

It can’t really be that either. My other board had no issues with that case…
I will try it out, but TBH I don’t expect results.


the issue still persists?
You have the system speaker correct?

Bios settings are being messed up? As in restored to default settings or simply messed up? I’d start with battery replacement.

Have you used your case with any other mobo prior to this one, or filled all screw mounts prior to mounting motherboard?
I’m asking since some motherboards don’t use/have holes for screws, to which case has - basically you could have that metal peg causing shorts, which in turn can cause all kinds of crazy things - and board would work fine outside your case.

Your PSU was confirmed to be good right? It will not affect bios settings in slightest on post, but certainly stability may be affected.

system speaker error codes?




IDK, they are defaulted. All I did was set boot order, sending my SSD to be the first boot device and set XMP of the ram to 2666…

Yes, it was working with the same board just fine for an year or so. Before that it was warking fine with my old system for about 4 years…

It’s not that. Standard ATX mounting…

It’s a bronze Seasonic S12II 430W. My theory is, since it’s dual 12V rail, and the GPU uses only one 8 pin cable unlike my old GPU that used dual 6 pins, it may overwhelm the one rail it uses.

No speaker… Don’t know… My older board didn’t have speaker either. No sound at all from the board.

  1. get this

  2. get new mobo battery


OK, let me see what’s going to happen with the new PSU first and then I will try and get a new battery and a speaker…


I thought you sent the board to asrock.


Nope. I send it to the store. If they find issue with it they send it to Asrock and give me new one. But they didn’t find any issues.