Motherboard Beeping When Case Side Panel is on

EDIT: I've messed with the side panel, taking it on and off, must've adjusted something, the beeping stayed off for about 30 minutes before it resumed. This whole issue is quite confusing, it beeps consistently only when the side panel is on.

So I just switched from a FX-8350 to a i5-4690k. I got the gigabyte Z97-x Gaming 3 motherboard. It boots, it overclocks, I'm able to game. Temps are normal. Everything seems great. Ever since I started using it this morning though, the motherboard keeps beeping in a pattern of 4 beeps seperated by pauses. Sometimes 3 sets of beeps, sometimes 4, sometimes 5.

To clarify, even though it has been beeping, it still is able to boot into windows and be fully functional.

After some further testing, I'm noticing the motherboard only beeps when the case side panel is on. Any ideas?

Full System Spec here:

Most likely a RAM issue, or a bad overclock, but I'd double-check the errors that you get.

I checked that page already, the beeps I'm getting don't really match any exactly. Maybe the 4 beep? But I'm usually getting 12+ beeps, just in sets of 4 rapid ones.

This is going to sound crazy, but I just took the side panel off and it stopped. I never had to the side panel on last night, which was when I first assembled and was testing it. I was only getting beeping with the case panel on. What about the case side panel could be doing this?

Now I just want to clarify, even while it is beeping, it is booted into windows and I'm still able to do all the functions of the PC.

Motherboard beeps are codes that identify which specific part of the motherboard isn't working properly

I've checked that page as well, there aren't any beep codes that match what I'm getting.

If you get diffrent beep codes, then it could also be that the cpu is not seated correctly.
Or even bended pins in the cpu socket.

i would advice to also double check that.

But basicly the best to examine this, is just check the manual for the beep codes, and what they are saying.

Would it be able to boot with bent pins? Because it is able to fully get into windows and everything is working properly it seems.

yes thats possible.

Nothing about beep codes in the manual, checked the gigabyte website as well as others. Haven't found a code to match what I'm getting with is 4-4-4-4-4.

The other odd thing that I'm noticing is that the beeping stops when I remove the side panel. Any ideas?

Tried to put the side panel back on. Before i could even finish putting in the thumb screws it was beeping again. No beeps without side panel for about 30 minutes. It has something to do with the side panel.

What case is it?

Fractal Define XL R2

Were you thinking its the old school side panel sensors, that was the first thing that crossed my mind lol.

Is the side panel pushing against anything?
Mahooosive CPU cooler per se?

Nope, its an AIO. I've messed with the side panel, taking it on and off, must've adjusted something, the beeping has since stopped. I'm still stumped by the issue, but it seems resolved.

and the beeping is back. So I'm completely at a loss.

Someone with the same motherboard looks like they had the same problem.

Try kajiggering your RAM sticks?

It might be a RAM issue, but why would the beeping only come on when the side panel is on? I'm probably going to reseat the RAM tonight after I get off work, but it just seems so weird.

i would avice to eventualy re-seat the ram and cpu.