Motherboard and processor dilemma

Hi there the tek world.

I am upgrading my machine to the latest gen i7 and a new mobo. I just bought a gtx 770 for the same process.

now I have my doubts for the 4th gen i7 (4770k) and i m not sure if it really does perform that better for the price margin than the 3rd gen i7 (3770k). I think it marginally does but does the price difference suffices that?

also I haven't really overclocked and I dont plan to too. But I have heard that it's really easy to overclock the k series turbo frequency with a decent priced fan.

I have 5 hard drives.

Now my question really is that if I plan to get either of these- which motherboard around the price rannge of $150 to $200 you guys can suggest for both of them each. asus,msi and gigabyte and asrock all are here. But i really don't want to shed a lot of money on the board which is more overclock enthusiast kind . I'd be happy with just few mhz up that too not immediately. 

So please sight me the suggestions for a good motherboard around that price range for both 3770k and 4770k

Thanks :)

4th gen

3rd gen

Personally I would go with the 4th gen because I like that motherboard better and its not really any more expensive

For the CPU if u have any intentions of using intagrated graphics then go for 4th gen but if you aren't and are not over clocking then go with the 3rd gen.

Yup no intentions of using on board. Using the gtx 770. Is there a way of using the hd4000 as a secondary video power hub?

Just saw on the teksyndicate episode that 8 core intels will be lashing out next idea of how much are they gonna cost? coz if they are anything above $500 then I would rather not wait at all.  

I see.thanks.

8 core intel. Expect them to be above $500.

The 6 core intel cpu's now are just above $500. Here's one.

Damn. It's been just so long that we ve been stuck on to 4 cores. I have a 920 right now and I really don't feel like upgrading it but my mobo is bottlenecking some of my stuff so I guess it is wise only to upgrade both of them together. 8 core intel above $600 is not something I think I'd really need for the price.

I have a good mobo for you. It has 1 button overclocking and some great features. This board also has plenty of SATA 3 ports for all those HDD's and SSD's. Here:


Asus option:

Asus option cheaper:

Msi option cheaper:

Msi option:

4 good options in my opinion, its a bit depending on how much Sata 6 ports you prefer, the Msi Z87 G45 gaming board has only 6 sata ports. thats something to take in mind. Furter its a bit depending on how you wanne go into overclocking, if you happy with only a few mhz all those boards should be capable, if you want  go upto 4.5 ghz then i could recommend to go for a more expensive board, like the msi m-power, or the Asus maximus VI Hero.

IF you prefer extreme overclockability, then you better look at a highend board, like Asus Maximus VI extreme, or Msi z87 xpower.

grtz Angel ☺

What do you mean your motherboard is bottlenecking? What do you feel is missing?

i7 920 is still good for it's time, compared to a good core2quad, sure you get some extra performance but your right, what's the point in spending so much for another slightly better quad core. I went from core2duo to i7 4770, quite a difference.

My motherboard is currently bottlenecking my SSD and 1 more 3TB WD hard drive for data transfer speed.
Also the GTX 770 prefers a pci-e 3.0 slot and I have 2.0 on my board.

Yes that's a major upgrade. 

Damn! It does look good. Also I have enjoyed on board drivers of MSI in the past.Thanks.

Thanks! Those boards sure look good and around my budget too.

I think I ll be happy with few mhz of overclock too :) 

Then you'd be better off with at least a z77 or z87 board and an i7, which is still a quad but what can you do (other than spend half of it more on a hex). You'd be fine with a vishera but still, not a truthful octocore either, and you won't have pci-e 3.0 (which isn't a big loss, probably unnoticable, if you were on SLi it would've made more sense)


I have the z87-plus, and I'm perfectly happy with it but I am not overclocking at all (although I did max out at 4.1 on just bus 106 x 39 stable on fixed voltage, on a 4770)

misteryangel is an asus fan, gigabyte is just as good and asrock is also a reliable brand now.

Cool. I ll start my market hunt this week. : ) 
Everyone is so helpful here. THANKS A LOT GUYS! :D 

Why you call me a asus fan? ☺

on intel platform i personaly prefer Msi or Asus, on AMD platform i personaly prefer Asus. but that does not mean, that i am an Asus fangirl, i only recommend things from what i know that they are good, that has nothing to do with fangirl ism...

LOL after learning that pci 2.0 isn't bottlenecking my card right now at all I am planning to over clock my cpu.


Oh between I never got a chance to update here. I went with AMD 8350 + Asus sabertooth! Thanks everyone! :)

okay thats a great choice. so this can be locked.

i hope you enjoy your build

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