Motherboard and cpu combo suggestions for under $500

I currently have a amd a-8 3870 @ 3.0ghz with a gtx670 and its really limting my gpu and i want to upgrade to faster cpu. I have been looking at the i7 3770k and a motherboard to go with it preferably with sli compatibilty. I will be looking to oc the cpu aswell

you won't need a 3770K, hyperthreading lowers the ammount you can OC


with those coolers what clock could you get the 3570k to stable? (new to oc)

well you'll be thermally safe to do 4.5, whether or not your chip can get that high is another story, it cools as well as a H100 with those fans on it

I agree with everything gigabuster has listed, I think you might be able to pick up the ram and fans for a bit cheaper if you hunt around a little bit.

yeah I don't use PC part picker because they haven't implemented Combos yet but anything on the list not in a combo you can try on PPP, I just went with the lowest latency 1866 ram since budget headroom wasn't an issue

Well, they are starting to implement combos, there are plenty up and working now, they do seem a bit slow at registering them though, so their content is often a few days off new sales.