MotherBoard and CPu change!

Im changing my mother board from gigabyte 78lmt-s2p to a msi g45 z87 along with the amd 4100 to an i7 4770k can any give me some help in uninstalling everything i dont want or whatever you need to do i have never done this before :)




Please someone comment i really need the help

probably just uninstall all drivers in your device manager. and also in software and programs. all drivers related things uninstallen.

To add to this, after un-installing every driver, use CCleaner to flush the registry of old lingering stuff from the removed drivers.

I don't want to uninstall anything that i need though, because i probably will.

you only have to uninstall driver related things.

But i mostly recommend to backup your current documents and stuff, just in case windows would not boot anymore, you allways can do a clean install. is allways the best way anyway.

What do you mean by clean install?

clean install i mean  complete new windows installation. ☺

So; Bakcup drive , uninstall drivers,(using ccleaner), switch off, take out motherboard and cpu switch for the new ones put them in boot up install drivers and thats it?

Sorry for going on so much i want to get it right first time.:)

So is that right????


i mean just backup you important things like documents that are stored on the  OS drive, just in case you will get a bsod, that you have to install windows again, you wont loose those documents.

Just uninstall all driver related thing´s from device manager and programs and software, run cc cleaner is just a tool to clean the registry, it does not uninstall anything. just let it clean the registry. then shut down the computer and change mobo and cpu. if you lucky the system will boot to windows if you unlucky you get a bsod.

But most of the times it should work without problems

But the very best way to do it is using "SysPrep"

What do i do if i do get the bsod?

And whats he best way buck up your files


If you're a typical user, copy the "Users" directory (usually c:\users ) to a second or external harddrive. That'll get the majority of your documents, settings, and such. If you play any MMO's (IE SWTOR, WoW..) In the c:\Program Files (x86) directory copy those games as well, it'll save you hours on the reinstall process. 

As you're going to a new board. go to and get the new drivers for the new board, put them on a thumbdrive and until you install the usb3.0 drivers avoid using those ports on the new board. Only reason to use the included driver cd/dvd getting the network drivers if you didn't download them prior.

As it's a MSI board there is a utility for updating that's great called Live Update 5, make sure you have your ethernet drivers (network) and/or wifi drivers installed first, but that can install most the new drivers for you as long as it can reach the net.  

Because im changing my cpu from amd to itntel what do i do for that? 


Changing your CPU won't matter. There are no CPU drivers. All of the drivers are for chipsets and such, which are on the motherboard, and should be covered by following the other steps in this thread.

Ok thanks to all of you.

There's so much hassle to go through and you can't be sure everything will work well. At least on a clean install you're sure there's no software conflicts.

Reinstall windows, install everything on clean. With today's machines I can't take you people seriously when saying that it takes too much time. Really? Is an hour that much precious time, where you can do something else at the same time...?????