Motherboard advice

  Hi all,


  I know that there are a lot of MB questions, and I have tried to find one that is posted for what I am about to ask, but to no avail.  I wanted to search for posts and I do not see a search feature on the forums.  Am I just blind or looking in the wrong place?

  Anyway, I plan on buying an AMD FX-8350 and am looking for a good full sized motherboard.  I do not overclock and will be using only one graphics card. I do not plan on having two graphics cards and this system will be mainly for gaming.  Is there MB that has what I am looking for, or should I just buy a MB that supports the things that I do not need?


  I am upgrading from an AMD 64 x2 cpu, 4 mb ram, Nvidia 9800 GT, Asus M2N Deluxe MB and Windows XP.  lol


  Thank you for your time,


  Callaen aka John

Look for any MB that got what you need but if you went a specific brand Gigabyte & Asus make great AMD Boards.

Well there is a motherboard that completly fits your needs.

Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0. 6+2 powerphase digi vrm nice and decent power delivery. only 20 pci-E lanes so not realy designed for multiple gpu setups.


Any kind of 990fx motherboard should be fine.