Motherboard advice

I'm building my new gaming/editing/all round system using a 7970, 4770K and an asus xonar essence stx. the cpu will be liquid cooled and I will be overclocking it. any suggestions? RoG looks great but my sound card is gold and i'm not sure how well those color schemes will fit together

The asus z87 deluxe is gold and black and the z87 sabertooth is a goldish and black color.

Msi Z87 Mpower max.

This is realy a great motherboard, but a lot of features, for a realy good price. it also incluses bluetooth and wifi onboard. a very sollid board.It also contains 20 powerphases, digital vrm´s, and 60 Ampérage chokes  one of my favorite Z87 boards.

If you look for a cheaper board and dont care about wifi and bluetooth, then maybe the Asus Maximus VI Hero is a good choice.

grtz Angel ☺