Motherboard advice

hi guys,

im going to do my first build and i have some of my parts so far, i just want to know your input on what motherboard to get

so far i have decided on:

intel 3770k (i will of course overclock it)

kingston hyperx beast 16gb

nzxt switch 810

2 evga 660ti in sli

as for the motherboard logan seemed to like the asus sabertooth z77

if you have other suggestions or input on the sabertooth please reply

Do you plan on doing hardcore rendering? If not get a 3570k, i7's are useless for gaming, Sabertooth intel boards are also overpriced just get a p8z77-v, Never go dual GPU's when you can go one, a 7970 or a 680 would be a far better option.

A good value is the MSI G45-Z77A. I own it myself and it is great.

The Sabertooth is an excellent motherboard if a little expensive (although not as much as could be expected) Everything else looks very nice. Very nice. You may consider trying to find an inexpensive SSD, as it will make a dramatic improvement in OS performance. Or you can find a 32 GB one for around $36 and use Intel/Asus smart caching.

Yeah I forgot to add for the os ill use a 128gb ssd and for data a 1tb velociraptor

i really want a quality motherboard (the whole build needs to be under $2000)

can the sabertooth support quad channel ram?

i would saythis board, The msi z77 mpower aka the big bang.

nice motherboard cheaper then the sabbertooth. and i realy like it.

socket 1155 does NOT support quad channel memory only dual channel!!!

onley socket 2011 do support triple and quad channel memory!!