Mothball Build/Mod log [Just Do It] Now 100% more Finished!

So when @Atomic_Charge came up with the "Just Do It" March initiative I new exactly what I wanted to do (sort of), I am going to grab one of my many unfinished/ barely started projects blow off the dust and just do it.

There is NO grand plan but finish it this month.

This is by the seat of my pants so feel free to throw some ideas out or criticize the hack job I'm doing because this is just for fun.

On to the meat and potatoes. I'll be modding a Corsair C70 to hell and back then slapping in a lga775 core 2 duo with custom water cooling.

Down to Business, If your are still here thank you.

The victim

First lets game plan

Cuttin time

all done, though the saw fence was too narrow so I'll have to fix the edges

Stuck the new window to the old and used a cutoff wheel and dremel to straighten everything out

Used the putty again to fix it to the side panel and drilled the mounts. It fits and looks great from ten feet away!

Look at that nasty edge from my first cut, glad this isn't my day job

There is so much more to do but


I shall be waiting for the rest

Still plugging away, at least I am remembering to take pictures

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Haha that was the hardest part for my desk build I just did!

went ape shit with the dremel today, I'm gonna mount the rad and fans on the front side of the case even though there is plenty of room on the inside.

Then I attacked the front bezel

Okay enough destruction lets build some shit.
Finishing up the res

Here is the first failure lol

To distract from this failure
fucking leak!

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I've fixed the leak and let it sit on my desk for for the day

a little fitting and it fits in the case

still wondering what to do with the front of this sucker, may just cut it out entirely then fill with other metal.

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Mas Modding!

Drilled and slotted the my rad mounts because it would be easier than trying to precisely drill eight holes

Finished product

Also had to notch the bottom of the front

flanges mounted

four quick holes and the rad is attached

some more overall shots


Fuck it we'll do it live!

I am about to start testing the loop for leaks, about to fill then try to remove some air bubbles to not kill the pump. Also that pink heat gun is awesome.

I'll shorten the tubes later gotta tear down for paint anyhow

10:40pm 3/31/16 gotta fill this baby

I underestimated air bubbles

no leaks!

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This is really awesome. It's making me wish I didn't throw out my old case.

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was it a c70?
if so i know why you did, it is an un godly monster that can't fit a 240 rad in the front hence why I chopped this to bits.
Thank you for stopping in and stay tuned this could go down in flames any moment and you don't wanna miss it,

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Corsair 700D. bit of a monolith, but nothing compared to the 900D I've got now.

Big fan of corsair cases, but I just didn't have any need to keep the 700D laying around. Sold it to someone for $120 used. That and $40 got me a r9 380 on sale.

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I've slayed the air bubble demon king!

tried this

That failed and remembered I had this

Hell yeah! air bubbles no more (I hope)

No just sit back and wait for this whole thing to blow over...
I mean I'll let the pump run and see if fails/leaks

Sorry for potato pics, lack of lighting oprions is making then turn out shitty



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Never underestimate the demon bubble king.

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Very good work. Bravo!

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Thanks peeps, I'll get going again soon.


Lets keep this shit show rolling

how about I make sure this thing even posts lol

it does and idles at 30c is that good?

after fiddling with the bios and enable it to boot from usb how about trying out ubuntu

lets try that again

cool i've no idea what I am doing, next is a tear down and finishing touches aka more work

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Here is my Color choices for this sucker it may get a camo/ distressed treatment what do you people think?

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Now I know that this works lets tear it apart

I'm going to swap out the cpu while Im at it

Figured out how to drain the system

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