Mothball Build/Mod log [Just Do It] Now 100% more Finished!

had to do a little more cutting on the front piece

Decided to do a simple camo job

Some of the sort of finished product

I may do the panels separately a few times changing it up the sanding it down in spots but for now I going to try some weather and see how it works out


Got a big Update here, so read to the end because it's FINISHED!

So I learned to weather form this video of Adam Savage on Tested
and what realy stuck with was that weathering was a story that tells itself and its what have really been driving this mod.

Now for some of my work, I used burnt sienna because it just looks like the right kind of dirt, and it stands out on the darker colors of the case and some mars black

just thinking of how dirt get on things help with were to put it down, like setting something straight in the dirt.

This one involved a turbo torch

Enough arts and crafts time, let get this up and running again

A little dark but added some mesh over the psu and hdd, I wish I could find something tighter to obscure them some more

We are golden pony boy

Going over my checklist

Oh its so beautiful

But what the hell have I been going on about that was going to be so great?
I really want to thank @Atomic_Charge for putting this whole thing, seeing everyone else's amazing work has really motivated me to Just Do It!

I'll be doing some touch up here and there and playing with linux finally but this is the end for my updates here. For all you lurkers that sttuck around to read this feel free to ask anything you like on this fun filled odyssey.


That weathering job is 11/Shia you did the fuck out of it.

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That res and the fluid in it, love it.

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thanks fam, that fluid is just distilled water and FREEZ-Kontr'l glycol from work not needed but I wanted a little color, plus its got anti corrosive and anit bacterial in it
@SpaceCat @SoulFallen