Most reliable SSD

Really sick of formatting and reinstalling windows every year due to my HyperX Kingston being as reliable as a screen door on a submarine. 

In the market for the most reliable ssd on the market. I've heard great things about Intel, good things about Samsung, but there is no good info that I could find. Point me in the right direction people. Please and thank you. 

my guess would be the Samsung 850 pro. 40nm 3d flash should be v e r r y reliable.

If that's too expansive maybe look at corsair neutron gtx 240gb

Should be and actually are are not quite the same though and there is no data or tests that I could find that backs up that they are any more or less reliable than an 840 pro. 

I have an old corsair sata 2 64gb that is still going strong after three years of "beating". And I have an Adata sx 900 that looks to be very reliable for the past 1 year of usage..