Most desired video tutorials

First off Like the post if your going to ask :P (pretty please)...

I Created this post to poll the most desired video tutorials.. If your request is specific denote specific at the beginning.. (so i know to be thorough) if its general as in theming etc.. denote general.

Anything will generally be accepted (unless im not very good at it) if I can do it on fedora Ubuntu (and it derivatives but will use ubuntu for example) and Opensuse.

List of Accepted Ideas (2)
The Diverse Desktop ( @RitchieS via PM)
LVM setup and BTRFS ( @sycpuppy)
Backing Up ( @Worldinc) -- Im going to do it with a BTRFS filesystem tool and talk about others
PACKAGE CONVERSION and non supported software @Tjj226_Angel

Lists of Possible Ideas (0)
Rejected sorry (reason will be denoted below) (1)
game servers... Sorry bud I am not very experienced with that.. Maybe someone on the gaming forum can help
@BlueKoda Hey man do you think you could do one for him.. I know your pretty good at that stuff


Lvm setup and snapshot management, VGA passthrough. Just a few things most non-linux users may not know about that give more freedom for adapting the OS to suit their needs.

Setting up headless game servers, Explination on cli options and arguments, Some bash scripting to automate said game server as it would all tie well together. Probably a bit about groups and users so people are not trying to run a server as root.

Before I accept a couple of your suggestions... How do you want me to go about showing VGA passthrough.. ?
LVM I can do...
Game servers.. sorry I cant (see above)

[Specific - Backups]
On Windows, I take regular backups using a backup software like Acronis True Image. If I wanted to do the same in Ubuntu, how would I go about it? Any good, easy to use programs? What about the restore procedure for the best software you know?

I know this can be a long and complex video, but that would be awesome :P

I will research back up programs and talk about/ open and show a few... :D
I use snapper on a BTRFS RAID6 file system.. so I really dont have the need to backup :D

I am not really sure what the correct terminology is, but I want to know how to get unsupported software working in various distros.

For instance, I would love to get the elementary OS desktop environment (pantheon) working in openSUSE 13.2. Obviously the problem is that there is no RPM based repo for the pantheon desktop. They do have the packages here for you to play around with.... , however I have no idea what to do with these.

The elementary team does give you some instructions on how to install, but the instructions are kind of........sparce.

This is just 1 example. Unity is another big DE that I would love to get on OpenSUSE (and unity does have some repos, but they do not work what so ever), and of course there are plenty of smaller programs like slingscold that are debian based that I would love the be able to port/jerry rig so that it could work on RPM based distros.

Elementary Is still working on their repo.. But I will go over how to convert DEBs to RPM's so one could take the dependency tree and make sure you have the pre reqs and then install a Deb package to a rpm based distro.. if you want.. but its experimental...

Ill make a video talking about that :D

Cool thanks! The pantheon de has been bugging me for a while because I want to make a series of videos on various DEs.

If i can at least get the wing panel to work, then I could just install a bunch of other apps and theme them to look like pantheon without any real trouble.

Want to split the task of DE's.. PM me... We could do it on the same DE thread... :D

PMed : D

The more I think about the VGA passthrough the harder it seems too be, as what hardwares used, how it's recorded, if it's already set up it would you just showing how it's setup and not be step by step. Then if your setting it up it is back to how to record it.

It is pretty difficult and thats kinda why I cant cover it... It seems above my head a tad.. so I dont want to make a bad video that doesnt help.. I appologize.. but feel free to make a thread and maybe we can all work together on compiling a good amoutn of helpful info

Hey Folks im sorry .. I need to enjoy a little of my spring break.. despite linux being fun.. 85 degrees and the outdoors is much more fun.. Ill get to work on videos soon

Specific: ssh and Multiseat

Although I've been using linux for a while now, I haven't gotten around to learning much about linux except getting it to work for my needs. I've used ssh before for some of my programming assignments at school but I've never gotten around to set up my own. Multiseat sounds like a pretty neat concept so it'd be nice to have a tutorial on how to set that up.


You have mentioned in another thread that you use Archlinux. Perhaps a video install guide would be handy, as a lot of newbs here would like to try Arch but find its installation process too difficult for whatever reasons.

Maybe.. and I say maybe because I wouldnt know how to approach that.. I guess I just make a video showing me following the directions and explaining... but that video is not on the priority list right now.. I am not saying I wont make it.. I am saying it may be a long while before I create something like that.
Does that sound ok.

Sure ill do an SSH tutorial

On multi seat.. No.. I just do not have the hardware to do an overview and guide that would even be remotely helpful if you get where I am coming from