Most Depressing Metal Song?

What are some of the most depressing metal songs that you have listened to? For me, this System of a Down song takes the cake.

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I have always been a fan of 'dark theme' music. way back to 'DarknessĀ Darkness' to most of Alice in Chains to Ā 'Fade to Black' ... however I don't listen to much new metal. So I do not have much to contribute on this subject. sorry ... \m/

This is somewhat of a sad song

This takes the cake on Depressing.

This one is quite depressing

And then i would include this one because the band is metal, but this song is an acoustic so yeah..

(and all the lyric's are are real)

Ok, now i don't know how the hell I forgot this one, holy shit.

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It is a sad song. Even though the dedication to a specific person is implied, the lyrics don't directly reference anyone. So the listener can apply a mental dedication to any person they choose.


First thoughts went straight to Austere, so I'll say that.

Altar of Plagues' first album (meant to be listened as one straight song) is pretty fucking grim too.

Honorable mention to some of Swallow the Sun's older stuff too I'd add..

It's a pity Altar of Plagues is no more. Such talent.

Kind of sucks that Dawn of Ashes and Psyclon Nine broke up this year. Hopefully Bathory's new project is just as good and Nero can pull himself together.

Columbine are active again too! Not to mention Abbey is playing guitar in Combichrist and The Witch Was Right.

I was so lucky I got to see Dawn of Ashes during their Genocide Chapters Tour with Dimmu Borgir. I have hope in Kristof's Urilia Project. There is a Demo Track Entitled "Carnography" which as Frustrating as it was for me sounded like a Track from Genocide Chapters. As for Psyclon Nine it hurt my heart when Nero announced he was going to Retire the group. I still hold Crown thy Frnicatr and We the Fallen as one of my Favorite Industrial Metal albums I haven't heard Order of the shadow (I believe its called this) . We did get a dream come-true when Kristof and Nero did "Poisoning the Steps of Babel" together.

There's nothing wrong with that it, it was an impeccable album (Favorite track being "Harlot") IĀ felt Psyclon Nine got better and better with Each album. Likewise with Dawn of Ashes (With exception to "Hollywood Made inĀ Gehenna that album bothered me) My personal Favorite P9 album, isĀ "We the Fallen"

Order of the Shadow : Act I is good but I prefer it's remix album Disorder : The Shadow Sessions.

According to my data I have listened to We The Fallen the most overall but I've only been scrobbling for just over a year and started listening to them around 2004 I think. Hard to say what my favourite album would be as they are all really different.

Yeah I hear it too ;)

Good mix!

Betrayal is depressing.

My all time favorite song is Elergy by Amorphis , it's weird though, i find the music really uplifting but the lyrics are quite depressing.Ā 


the video is heavily supporting this depressive feeling.