Most Deadly Internet risks around?

Been reading through a few topics in the hacking section and security, also on OC3D and make me spark a question

Whats the most deadly malware attack you have herd of?

I have herd of a few not so much deadly so to speak but rather dangerous due to there execution methods.

So sound of in the comments of what you have herd and info, would be nice to see what there is :) 

Anything goes in this post, Worms. Rootkits, Spyware, Virus, Keyloggers, Hackers what ever, if its a risk post it!!!


(Just a general knowledge topic)

Some i know of

Beast Trojan 

SQL Slammer

SpySherrif Rogue AV

Bandook Rat



Sound off in comments!!!


the worst one i've seen personally (coz my brother got it) was a fake antivirus, once they get ahold of you, they will prevent you from executing anything, and hound you for money (which if you do pay nothing will happen)... you can get around them but it's not easy for an average user to do

Check out & keep in your fav,s Britec09 on youtube 1 of the most helpful channels you will ever find for showing how easy it is to remove a infected computer with the correct tools, In plain & simple english that even if you've had a few to many drinks you could follow.


Sorry for any spelling or grammer mistakes there maybe they kicked me out of school 

its not the virus that is the most deadly, its the infection method.

0 day buffer overflows would be the worst... there was one that hit firefox and IE a while ago... you would open a webpage, your browser would minimize, maxamise, flash a bit then close. next thing you know a fake AV was on your pc.

another bad one was a flaw in adobe reader. you could embed binaries inside of a pdf.


the worst "virus" out there is a hypothetical one. have not see it my self, but it will reflash part of the bios and write its self to the kernel stack. basicaly wiping your hdd wont remove it, and it has control of your whole system. good news, is each bios is different, and due to the limited size of the EEPROM the virus cant be too advanced.



also, msconfig, startup, disable the startup process and note the file path. restart in safe mode and delete the .exe. viruses can also run from the run keys in hkcu/software/microsoft/windows/current version/run and hklm/"""""

hmm i have herd of these ones that dont remove with HDD wipes, i always thought a simple BIOS flash would do the trick, but i cant ever say, personally i love the idea of these advanced viruses, but not in a destructive way, i like the idea that they are learned from, some smart kids out there who create these, also some stupid ones, im not scriptkiddie or anything my self but i like to learn about the hacks and stuff for defense sort of white hacking :)
I also never use adobe reader, security flaws etc,  Foxit for me :) shame that adobe reader and java etc is still a slave to the virus world 

there are also some ''SuperWorms'' made by the government for spying other countries,one of them is called Gauss and the workers in Kaspersky are breaking their heads to crack this virus. another one is called the stuxnet and this one is more famous because it sabotaged iran´s uranium enrichment plant


I had to reinstall windows when i got one of those