Most customizable Linux

I tried Ubuntu for a while, but I got tired of entering password for root all the time.


what is the best version for customization?

look up LFS or gentoo

Honestly any linux is just about as customizable as the next, but Gentoo or Lfs are the most out of any.

Arch? How did Arch not get in here. 

And if you mean customization ease and access to packets you cant go past Debian

any os where I don't have to enter root password all the time?

I was looking at opensuse. how is that?

Just login as root. 

I was using Ubuntu before. could you do that there?

as its been previously mentioned before, arch or linux from scratch

logging in as root, and total root access is stupid. it's kinds like UAC on windows, but more comprehensive.

normally, you shoot urself in the foot, and get a bullet hole.

as root, u shoot urself in the foot, you blow the lower half of your body off


@ Commissar I didnt say it would be good, just thats the only way to not get prompted for root password all the time. Also its not a bad thing when you are a power user and you know what your doing. If he stuffs it up just reinstall, Just back everything up before you start playing. 

@cpt123 make a profile for eveyday use and when you plan on playing with things login as root.

Hey what do you normally need to enter the root password for?  If its stuff at the command line, and you mean entering your password for sudo then you can make sudo passwordless.

See this page:


You have to be more specific. Teebler has it right. All distributions are equally customizable, unless you want a source based package manager.