Most Confused Person SSD Related

So my new 840 evo 500gb has had about 140gb written to it and that is kind of worrying me as it is 1 week or so old. 8.1 install + updates, programs, and a few times my disk indexing got re enabled. So I had to disable it again, but that really fed up the writes.

So here is what is really concerning me. My windows 8 install seems to be shrinking. Like when I first installed it, it was at 25gb or slightly less. In a weeks time it has slowly gone down. 20gb, 18gb, 17gb, 15gb, and now 14gb wtf??1??!?!?!

Here is my timeline with it in a week or two.

  • Initial windows install with burned iso of 8. 
  • Activation + Avast Install + Updates
  • Finalized programs (removing and reinstalling and finally removing avast; I was determining read and writes it was causing[a few gigs a day].

Windows is still racking up what seems to be 10gb a day in logs at near idle. It is small writes like less than 100kb/s and never constant (really). So that explains the 140gb to it, but what explains the fucking complete shrink to 14gb from 25 or so? The 5 to 20 is actually explained by moving my user files to a different drive. However still 20 to 14? This for windows?