Morrowing Hit Detection

So I've been playing Morrowind for a while now an I have always wanted to know what is up with the combat system. Like did they make it difficult on purpose? because fighting in morrowind is actually pretty challenging at a low level whereas in other games of the TES, it is significantly even daggerfall.

Morrowind has hit chance (based on a simulated die roll) unlike the newer games. Many people install a mod called Accurate Attack which removes any chance of missing your target.

Thank you so much, would you be able to link me that mod ? Would I use nexus mod manager to install the mod ?


As far as installing it goes, NMM should be fine. It's not ideal for Morrowind but it gets the job done. Or just drop the ESP into your data files folder.

Thanks man I really appreciate it.

Does this mod change any of he damage models for the weapons ?

No just chance to hit

My first character in Morrowind wandered out of the starting location with no armor, no spells and a crappy sword.
Got murdered by an angry rat. Good times.

In Oblivion I went straight to the arena and became the arena champion on the first try, because pretty much everything in the game was so darn adjusted to the players level. Not so fun after a while.

What is Morrowing?

the skywind mod might be a better option. basically it allows you to play morrowwind in the skyrim engine.