More videos about what makes good components?

Hey Logan and others.

I have watched every video that you guys have posted on YouTube since The Tek 0020 and think your content is really good, I have learn't so much from your videos and from the tek syndicate website but I would really like to know more about hardware, specifically why certain components are better than others for particular tasks. I know at the moment when you do build videos you briefly touch on the "why" behind choosing specific parts but I would like to know more about how to find really awesome parts myself and to know whether I could find something that would be better suited for my tasks.

I'm sure other people have ask for this too but I just wanted to make my support more obvious in a separate post. 

Also thought your hardware hack you did with the iPad screen was quite interesting and more stuff like that would be cool as well.

Thanks in advance, Matt

i agree and i would also like alot more kill you console videos but like you bit a year or 2 ago where you do one for britain and austrailia